Monday, February 2, 2009



Tattoos are special type of designs that a man or a woman loves to sport on the body. The tattoos are often designed on the lower back or on the shoulder or on the neck. You can get a life long tattoo done by using permanent ink or you can get a temporary tattoo done. The choice is yours. In the case of permanent tattoos, the permanent ink is placed under the skin. Be very sure in case you want to go for permanent tattoo. This is because once the tattoo is designed; it is very difficult to get it removed. You will have to undergo a painful and a very expensive surgery in order to get the permanent tattoo removed. Hence be sure that you want a permanent tattoo in the first place.

The cost of the tattoo often depends on the size and the design. The more complicated and intricate the tattoo design, the more will be the expenses. The tattoos can range from tiny symbols to full length tattoos that cover the entire body. There are a lot of tattoo parlors from where you can get your tattoos designed. See to it that you go to a professional designer only who knows his job well. Also see to it that he uses disinfected equipments like needles etc.

The tattoo designer may show you an album of tattoos which contains hundreds of designs separated into various categories. You can choose from the readymade designs or you can explain to the designer as to which tattoos you want to get designed on your body. Also as mentioned before, select a very reputable design parlor that has been in the business for a few years. See to it that the designers know their job well. See to it that the tattoo designer is licensed and he is using safe equipment. You can also take the help of references like friends and relatives who have got their tattoos designed from a particular designer.

Tattoos are a great way to flaunt what you have. They enhance your personality and also speak a lot about your personality in general. There are normally different tattoo designs for men and women. Women may go for tattoo designs like butterfly whole men may go for tattoo design like eagle. Tattoos have today become one of the most favored boy arts in the world.